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SUn, dO nOT rISe

Keiserinne Nana
9 December 1988
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Senior in high school, with part-time college, Journalism major-
Always out for a good time and a laugh, kind of a slacker, is able to adjust to any person or situation, gets along with everyone, hates drama, hates homelife, hates a lot of things, geez... anyway, I never let shit keep me down, I love to be active (I work out at the gym) I'm not scared of anything! >.< I'm living for thrills, got it? I ain't walking around this ugly beautiful world with frowns on my face, tired cuz I'm always working and I gotta loser hubby alcoholic w/three brats like mi mother did >:(
No way! Anyway, maybe I'm a little strange cuz I read manga and watch anime too much, but hey, least I'm high on life, unlike a lotta others who are high on brain-damaging shit.
Let's be friends, if ya wanna.