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Mar. 10th, 2008

Last week of class

For college I mean. This week we're submitting the final essays to the panel and then we'll be done with it. Then next week will be easier for this sick girl, seeing as she only has 2 classes now at the high school--oh, that's right. I had to drop 2 classes here so that I could take on 2 classes at the college. These 2 are Mass Media and Intro to Sociology, both about 2.5 hours long, with 10 minutes in between them (they're both on tues/thurs). So, because I can't miss those first classes, I've opted to use the college's spring break and miss high school instead. That week (3/22-29), I'll be visiting my dad in Eastern WA. 

Anyway, my whole body is so sore, I don't want to move, I just wanna die. I had a fever last night and combined with the soreness, I couldn't sleep...my bed's all stained with sweat and sickness, so I can't even sleep there now... :( well, that's it for an update...

Feb. 11th, 2008

Visiting the Legislature

The superintendent is taking us on the student advisory council to see the legislature at the Capital in Olympia on Wednesday. We'll be having lunch with some senators and discussing issues within our respective schools, or  our concerns about college, etc. I am excited to be going, and it will certainly be something to include in the paper...

Anyway, that's really the only thing worth noting, academic-wise. 

Me and Keilani, went to a party on Saturday morning and while she was off screwing with her boyfriend, I sat  on the roof with some guys and we talked about a lot of different stuff, drinking (dangerous?) from a bottle of Southern Comfort (good stuff). I felt a little better, drowning in alcohol and other people...I guess it was worth it, since I didn't have to think about anything that I hate thinking about (ahaha, am I making sense?). I ended up with one of the guys in the woods...*blushes* need I say more?

I miss my friends from L.A., most of the things I do here are child's play compared to the shit we pulled back in Cali... the closest to fun I get here is hanging with the Mexicans my cousin hangs with. In the car that night we were hanging outside the doors, nearly pummeling into mail boxes and the music was blasting. The only difference is that Jaime and the others in Cali wouldn't get pissed if I didn't take the crack. I NEVER do that kind of crap and they know it, but these Mexicans were like, offended or something cause I wouldn't hardly touch it. Whatever.

I'm going back to Cali to be with them when I'm through with school, when all of them move to Santa Monica. It'll be cool, I can see good times ahead, and that's what I live for, ya know? It makes me think about continuing my life, no matter how bad it gets.

Well, till later then! ^_^  

Feb. 9th, 2008

Writer's Block: Last Night's Dreams

What did you dream about last night?
 I dreamt that my cat, River (Young, year old male w/ all black/white and green eyes and sensual charisma), turned into a hot, romantic guy who took me out on a date *sighs, pets river*. We went to a Carnival, Coney Island I think, and I don't know how but I got the idea it was like 4 A.M. and we ended up across from the island, on the beach walking barefoot, and we kissed once and then I woke up...fuck...and you know, he sure was a hottie...long black hair, green eyes, a black button-down shirt and very lean...I also recall long sharp nails softly trailing across my cheek...*cries* If only!! but you know, beside those details, it was all very vague- came in flashes...but it was still sweet, I think. 

What's the matter with me? Way outta character- I've always considered myself asexual...

Feb. 5th, 2008


I'm really tired of losing friends to death...

Jan. 26th, 2008

Loneliness on a Saturday Night

Now that I think about it, I haven't been touched in a while. A lot of the time I don't think about things like my feelings, but when I've been alone all day it's hard not to. How is it that I have no close friends? I know I'm good-looking enough- I'm sure I'm at least fun to be around...I just want someone to curl up with...so why is it always me that's alone?